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DOO Novaković-3M is a private firm, founded on 27/01/1989 in Inđija, as a little craft workshop. Following the market and constantly improving the products we have grown into a company of 25 employees, dealing with the manufacture and sale of containers for collection, disposal and transport of communal and industrial waste, as well as for the collection of animal waste.
As a proof of the quality of our products, in 2012 quality management system was established which meets the requirements of standard ISO 9001:2008 as well as CE mark which is obligatory and refers to the safety of using Our products in states which are EU members. CE mark is our identity card for exporting products in EU countries.

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CE is an abbreviation for Conformité Européenne and unlike standards which speak about the quality of products, CE mark is obligatory and it refers to the safety of using Our product in countries which are EU members.

The states which are EU members, through their legislation and other measures, wanted to ensure that only those products which do not endanger safety, life and health of people, property, environment or other interests of public significance are placed on EU market and used.

In this regard, directives have been put in place that set out important requirements that products must fulfill.
These requirements determine technical characteristics (specifications) which products must have and which influence or may influence the abovementioned aspects. Technical specifications on compliance of the products with important requirements, which directives set, are given in harmonized standards. CE mark is our identity card for exporting products in EU states.