Container 1.1m³ for glass ‣ Kontejneri 3M Novaković

Container 1.1m³ for glass

  • Mobile waste glass container, 1100 litres, European standard EN 840-3
  • Made of steel 1.25 to 1.5 mm
  • Hot dip galvanized
  • Sliding, spring driven, round lid
  • Foot brake on two front wheels
  • 4 wheels, all rotating and with springs connected to the body


The advantages of container 1.1 m3 over all other garbage cans are the following:

  1. Productivity when loading garbage in the garbage truck and transporting it to landfill is 4 times higher than in other garbage containers.
  2. Fewer garbage trucks do the same job.
  3. Workers taking out the garbage are not subjected to physical exertion because the container is lifted, dumped into the garbage truck and lowered empty to the ground with the help of a shaker installed on the garbage truck.
  4. They take up less space next to the building.
  5. It is stable and cannot be rolled over irrespective of the slope and configuration of the land, nor can it be tampered with, except by city cleaners, because it is provided with secure brakes and is fixed as desired to a specific place.
  6. The volume of the container is larger so that even bulky garbage can be put into it.
  7. It has a lid that automatically closes with a spring so that the stench of garbage does not penetrate and pollute the environment.
  8. It is more aesthetically beautiful than all garbage cans, it fits into all urban areas and garbage is not visible from it, and it can also be located on the sidewalk of a settlement-town.
  9. Its life span is at least 10 years and it is larger than that of other garbage cans, because it is made of high quality sheet metal and protected by hot dip galvanizing with full dissolution in quality 99,99 %.
  10. It is cheaper than all other garbage cans regarding its life span and reception capacity.