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Our Containers

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Containers 1.1 m³

These 1.1 m³ metal containers are used to collect garbage. It's construction is adapted to automatic lifting and emptying into special waste vehicles commonly used by various waste companies. They have a rounded hatch and completely conform to the technical specs of waste companies.

Containers 1.3 m³

These containers, also known as cadaver containers are mounted onto four wheels and are easy to operate. They are adapted to special vehicles for container manipulation. Permanent corrosion protection is achieved with total galvanization of 99.99% zinc quality. They are used for garbage disposal in meat industries.

Containers 5 m³

These containers are built from steel frames and profiles whose thickness depends on the type of waste. Depending on the weight of the waste, and with your cooperation, we propose a solution. Containers are built according to standard, which implies loading, unloading and emptying of the waste.

Containers 7 m³

With an open top, these containers is suitable for use on vehicles with installed systems for container manipulation. The purpose of these containers is to store and transport rubble, high volumes of garbage and similar. Long service life is provided by strong construction and continually welded strengthening profiles.

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